Ohio Christian University 2014-2020 Strategic Plan

By rigorously pursuing these goals, OCU expects to improve the effectiveness of accomplishing its mission and efficiency in use of resources. Doing so, with God's help, will be the key to OCU's long-term survival and furthering God's Kingdom.

Goal One

Increase OCU’s impact on the world for Christ by increasing enrollment to 5,000 and developing graduates that meet the needs of the community, workforce, and Church.

Strategy: Aggressively recruit students.  Start new programs and education locations. Increase partnerships with community colleges and businesses. Obtain input from advisory councils.

Goal Two

Increase student satisfaction and retention and alumni involvement with the university.

Strategy: Implement customer service strategies and create a customer service culture.

Goal Three

Expand OCU’s attractive student-oriented campus with updated facilities.

Strategy: Ensure proper maintenance of all existing buildings by pro-actively scheduling upkeep and upgrades to buildings on a rotating basis. Build new facilities based on resident student growth patterns keeping community and constituent needs in mind.

Goal Four

Improve OCU’s effectiveness and efficiency to keep costs down for students.


Utilize technology to become an industry leader through innovation; streamline and enhance processes; and collect, make easily accessible, and use data for informed decision making.

Goal Five

Promote a unified brand image through improving coordination across marketing and communication channels.

Strategy: Develop an integrated marketing and communications plan.

Goal Six

Build a network of strategic partners to secure the university’s future.

Strategy: Develop partnerships (e.g., loan funds) and strengthen relations with stakeholders (e.g., estate gifts). Hire additional Advancement staff.

Goal Seven

Develop employees and provide the best workplace environment.

Strategy: Create work environments that enable employees to thrive both as individuals and contributors to business success.