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Kindness Matters - Ohio Students Helping Texas Students GoFundMe

Helping Texas Students - GoFundMe Campaign

At Ohio Christian University students care for one another. It’s part of being a Trailblazer.

OCU is proud to join other Ohio schools to send kindness and money to Texas students.

Students in Texas have lost a lot—more than we can imagine. Together let's show them OCU students care for other students, no matter what school they call home.

Imagine if everything in your room, apartment, or home was suddenly gone. What would you need to replace first? That’s a way to think of how to make a difference.

Every gift, no matter what size, matters. Now and in days ahead, kindness matters. Give and ask your friends to do likewise.

Repost this call to give including #OH2TX to help build our helping momentum.

Show Texas students how much Ohio Christian University cares:  Make a GoFundMe gift here now!