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Dean of Students welcomes incoming freshmen.

OCU Welcomes Freshmen Class of 2017

Ohio Christian University welcomed its new freshman class to campus this week. More than 200 new students began their journey at OCU as they got settled into residence halls, attended orientation, and started classes. 

In a newly-established campus tradition faculty and staff prayerfully considered a name for the incoming class. This year’s freshmen will be known as “Discerners,” a term taken from Ephesians 5:15-17.

In coming years, each class will be named with a distinct biblical reference. These class names will be a way for classes to distinguish themselves throughout the years and provide thematic talking points.


Joe Wuest, Dean of Students, explains the reasoning for this new naming tradition: “In a day and age where the line between good and evil is increasingly blurred, we need those who discern the truth and, like the “men of Issachar” in I Chronicles, understand the times.


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With the Trailblazer Academy students, over 550 students now attend OCU's Residential Undergraduate program at OCU's main campus in Circleville, Ohio.

OCU's Residential Undergraduate program will continue to enroll students until September 8. Learn more about registering for fall classes.